Tuesday, May 19, 2009


“Happy Dancer”
Measures 22” w x 38” h when hanging
Retail Price: $500

“Happy Dancer” is the first in a series of “recycled” suspended air sculptures, where the overlapping shadows become as important as the objects themselves. The piece is hand constructed with translucent recycled plastic, woven onto a formed Galvanized steel structure. The sculpture moves softly with interior currents, bringing the organic shapes to life.

The inspiration for this piece came while I was taking my distilled water jugs to the recycle bin. As they were stacked up in front of the garbage chute, I actually saw the finished product in my head. I proceeded to bring them all back home with me, and began the process of giving them a new purpose.

HAPPY NEWS: "Happy Dancer" is featured in the FALL 2009 issue of BOHO magazine's "recycled restyled reused" section.